They just completed a well retrofit for me, willing to work the extra hours to get the water back on as soon as possible, They left everything looking better than when they started. Highly recommend using them for anything. Have used them several times in the past also every time it has been a great experience, by far the best one.
Frank Richardson
5 Star Review

Our H.O.A. (Dunten Place) in Meridian has it’s own private well and after 14 years, our old pump finally died. I called 6 of the “BIG” well drilling and pump companies around the valley to get bids on replacing our entire system. Only 2 companies were interested as the old pipe/pump had to be pulled using a crane over one of our member homes at a distance of about 110 feet with power lines on 2 sides.
Everyone else wanted the easy jobs, where they could just sit over the well head with their truck, but Coonse didn’t hesitate and was very responsive to give us a bid immediately. They not only had the lowest of the 2 bids, but after speaking with Gene at Coonse, he reassured me that using a crane to pull the pump would be no problem, he already had a great contractor that he works with that had the right equipment and the more he described the type of system he would build us, I knew they were the right choice.
The work went off without a hitch; nothing was disturbed around the home that the system sat behind; Gene got the whole job done literally in a matter of hours. He met me today at the well to start everything up for the first time as we were ready to begin our watering season and it went flawlessly. He explained how everything worked, how to winterize the system and built us a system that really runs itself automatically after he programmed our new controller…Coonse is definitely the first one to call for all your pump projects, I’m so pleased with their work…Great Job!

Chip Smith
5 Star Review

on 4/23/2017 I had my pressure tank stop holding pressure in my home in Boise. Before calling coonse well drilling I looked at the reviews on the internet. After reading all the reviews for the drilling companies I decided to call a few of the supply companies and get some feedback and numbers of drillers that buy supplies from them. All three of the supply houses gave me 3 or 4 names of drilling and pump companies. Only coonse well drilling was given to me by all of the supply companies. I called coonse well drilling and spoke with Gene. I told him I have no pressure at my tank and he informed me that they were crazy busy but he would make a few calls and see if some of the people on his schedule that have water but other issues would mind if he ran over and tried to get me some water with a temporary fix. Two hours later I left work to go meet Gene at my home after he called me saying he could come take a look. 3 hours later I had a new pump Gene showed me everything that was not working and installed all new wire and my pipe was completely rusted out to where it actually had a hole in it. I could not be happier with this company I did tell Gene there was a bad posting on the internet and he said he was sorry to hear that but he did say they have been in business for over forty years so having one bad review shows them they do need to improve. I chuckled and said I would be posting a review and thanked him and his customers that gave up there spot for me. Great family business in my opinion. Steve
Steve Nail
5 Star Review

I woke up to no water, no shower, no pump. I thought this will take more than a day to to get repaired. I called Coonse drilling and pump and they came today with a truck with all the needed parts. We got a new pump with upgrades before 4pm. Great job and many thanks!
Ben Esplin
5 Star Review

My moms well went dry and she had no water period, to her home.
I was referred to Gene by a friend at Caryon pump and he was out the next day.
These guys ROCK!!
We had to drill a whole new well,pump ….the whole nine yards and my mom was really worried about the cost. She is retired and on a fixed income.
They gave us a quote at the time he came out and we both thought WOW!
Not what we were expecting,VERY reasonable.
They had her up and running in a matter of a couple days.
They are very thourough and clean the site ,they even moved my camper out of the way for them to work!
I would recommend them to anyone that needs a proper,clean,on time and professional job!
Thank you all so much for the great work!

Hollie Arnell
5 Star Review